Our prices are flexible and depend on complexity and length of the project. It normally takes one to three hours per track to do basic recording and mixing. We charge less per hour for longer projects, and can negotiate fixed price for release of the final procuct.

Basic Studio Time

Studio time starts at $35/hour.


Basic Time include simple recording, mixing, and mastering. This is intended for smaller projects utilizing few instruments or vocals and where no extensive editing, instrument layering, pitch correction, etc. is required.

Extended Engineering Services

Extended services start at $50/hour.


Extended services include complex multitrack recording sessions of multiple instruments, extensive editing and "painting" on individual tracks, potential vocal corrections, virtual instrument layering, multitrack album mastering, etc.

Rehearsing and Practicing

Rehearsing studio time is $20/hour. No engineer on staff, except original setup if required. Equipment is limited.

Musicians and Arrangers

By request we can bring session musicians and arrangers, but their prices vary and we cannot guarantee them.
Paradise Recording Studio